$30 coffee mug

yep. thirty freakin bucks. i’m a moron.

yesterday the ups man dropped off a package from bodum.com. it contained this mug.

(actual picture)

should i name this mug? or just leave it, “dis (a.k.a. this) mug”.

cause “dis-mug” begged me to drop 30 washington’s and i quickly obliged. and it’s now beggin’ for a name. any suggestions?

a short list of other things that might cost the equivalent of “dis-mug”:

-like 2 or 3 hours of music.

-hitting a golf ball 75 80 85 times at a local public golf course for 4 hrs.

-almost a half a tank of gas. (for my bronco)

-1 shoe from a pair of running shoes.

-the buy it now cost of a manute bol autograph. (for my friend jason.)

that’s all i got.

but oh… let me attempt to justify. i’ve been looking for a new mug and my friend peter suggested i tried bodum’s website. while he suggested this i remember saying, “if they’ve got a stainless-steel-single-use-travel-press… i’m buying it on the spot!” obviously since i’m a man of my word. bling!

today was my first of many incredible coffee experiences for the rest of my life.

mainly, cause i’m keeping “dis mug”… for the rest of my life!!


5 month posting

since it’s been about 5 months since i posted last i thought it’d be good to go ahead and write something.

the other day i was looking at a large pile of sheets that had just come out of my dryer. i was thinking to myself that i wish i could fold these bad boy’s to perfection. thinking and wishing this because in the past i’ve failed so many times to get the fitted sheet to look like anything but a folded wrinkly ball of sheet.

so, like everything else in life…i thought surely there’s got to be an answer to this problem on the world-wide-internets!!!

“it” has changed my life.

and “it” is the following video.


and i only had to watch it like 4 times to figure it out!! but her humor kept me glued.

glad to be back again on the blog! and to have tightly folded sheets.




well. in case you haven’t figured it out… i’m jumping on the blog wagon.

and why not?

you know, i love reading other’s blogs. i love reading them so much i feel the need to possibly, maybe, do fellow bloggers a service by allowing them to read what i got going on.

it’s funny for me to think about…i’m feeling a little pressure to perform here. i got these thoughts like, is there really going to be anyone interested in this, or…don’t you have to be ultra-smart to put one of these together. we’ll see about that.

partly, the reason i think others get excited about reading blogs is they like putting themselves in the writers shoes and think about how they would interact with what is being written. as least often that holds true for me.

so here we go, i’m jumping right on in…. a lyric by kenny loggins himself.

it’s honestly the first song i remember listening to and dancing to while growing up. maybe that’ll tell you something about me. also, i might not should share one other piece of info… i’ve had more than one person say that i look a lot like kevin bacon. please don’t agree. thanks.

if this doesn’t get you pumped up i dunno what will!!!

Everybody cut Footloose

You’re playing so cool
Obeying every rule
Dig way down in your heart
You’re yearning, burning for some
Somebody to tell you
That life ain’t passing you by
I’m trying to tell you
It will if you don’t even try
You can fly if you’d only cut

look at that massive “music player” on his hip!! yes!!



well. flavor of the week. this kinda came outta nowhere. of course, it might be just me making stuff up. i choose to think that God is right in the middle of it. i say “flavor” maybe better to be described, aroma, or essence. it’s something in my mind, yet sensory, a real feeling. this flavor was put into motion a few weeks ago.

here’s how it got started… i have a certain friend, whom i respect very much, and whom i’ve had the privilege of laughing very hard with. so hard actually, that we couldn’t breathe, with tears and all. come to think of it, i actually might could gauge friendship depth on how hard i’ve laughed with someone. but anyway. he pointed me toward listening to a podcast of a pastor from somewhere in texass. my friend is also a pastor..so hey..i figured he’s on point. my first podcast listen was a safe-topic-sermon that had promise of entertainment. titled: “the role of men”. i guess also i picked it because i’ve heard it all when it comes to being a “christian man” therefore, i can determine if he meets an approval. i mean, come on! i’ve been to more than just one promise keeper conference. i’ve actually chanted nursery rhyme type cheers with along side fifty-thousand other manly-men. surely that put me on the fast track in the “i’m a man training”. i’ve read books! wild at heart and tender warrior. dude! i’m a manley man!!

“the role of men” podcast was different. refreshing. great insight into what i thought was an exhausted topic. i listened to it this week and it started the flave.

also contributing to the flavor this week:

  • i had a deep discussion with a close friend about how God has called us to serve our wives (or my future wife). and i mean way-way serve her. like more than i ever really thought about. and not just because of what she can provide in return (which seems to be an easy motivation), or not even fully b/c we’re called to. but for her, just for being her. the cool thing is it’s exactly how God has loved me. that’s exciting stuff. it’s the same experience that Jesus feels towards me and what i can expect to feel while loving her and serving her. and i know that may sound basic. but maybe i just needed to repeat it…i can’t wait to get there. God does/did this for us perfectly. it parallels perfectly(but of course not equally) with what He did for us on the cross.
  • i read the book of ruth. it’s fun to read… and i decided that it’s the chick flick of the bible. i could totally see minnie driver playing the part of ruth and maybe…um, russell crowe playing boaz. ha! but more seriously. it reinforced one thing that the podcast preacher guy said. he talked about how there’s a popular thought in evangelical circles today that in single-hood, one must first be content being single (you know, like, kiss it goodbye). the idea is that after finding this contentment, God will bring the right person along. God created us to be together and in love!! right?? why seek contentment in being alone? that’s just weak. ruth wasn’t weak. ruth didn’t just wait around for her love to happen by first being content without it. she freaking went out to work boaz’s field!! made her presence known!! she knew exactly what she wanted and what she was doing. apparently so did he. ladies!! are you listening? all you got to do is show up in my yard and rake some leaves or something. come on!! thanks.

ok. so i’ll wrap it up. i now think it’s great to think about the romance of God! He has a romance for us each individually. previously i’d thought it to be just a bit much…but how cool! we get to know a similar experience of this divine type love in (and through) our spouse. i’m not content, and certainly i’m not trying to be settled and single without such a knowledge. but on the other hand thankfully, i’m experiencing the real deal!! the flava-flave!! “flavor of love” to be found in God. ha!n1028010237_30356001_4813.jpg

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